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Vandex Expaseal W 2010

Expanding waterstop for construction joints

  • highly flexible, easy application
  • resistant to water pressure up to 2.0 bar
  • also suitable for zones with tidal water movement
  • suitable for contact with sea water


VANDEX EXPASEAL W consists of a hydrophilic acrylate based swelling substance, embedded in a butylene copolymer based thermoplastic elastomer, with reversible swelling.


After contact with water, VANDEX EXPASEAL W swells up to 900% in volume. The pressure of the swelling action will cause VANDEX EXPASEAL W to expand in the joints, filling all cavities and thereby stop water flow.

VANDEX UNIFLEX is used as adhesive for VANDEX EXPASEAL range or SUPERSTOP.


VX EXPASEAL W 2010: box with 9  10 m = 90 m each