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Superlat Latex

Multi-purpose copolymeric emulsion specially designed to multiple improvements and enhancements of cement mortar properties.

For development of waterproof, durable and crack-resistant renderings and mortars.

Ideal for :

  • Waterproof and adhesion promoter agent for plastering mortars.
  • Mechanical increase and flexibility in masonry mortars and bricks
  • Repair mortars of damaged concrete structures & corrosion protection of steel.
  • Floors with increased mechanical and chemical properties such as garages, industrial, heated floors etc.
  • Primer for better adhesion of mortars.
  • Mortars with water impermeability.
  • Improving agent to paints for indoor or outdoor uses.
  • And many more..

It offers mortars with:

  • Excellent adhesion to all substrates, even on smooth surfaces
  • Enhances abrasion resistance
  • Excellent impermeability to water
  • Large increase of elasticity (creation mortars free from cracks)
  • Increases flexural & tensile strength
  • Enhances durability against frost
  • Increased chemical resistance to light acids
  • Use in final layer mortars with great durability from the effects of sun and external environment.
  • Consumption
  • 1:5 – 1:1 in the mixing water
  • Packaging – 1kg და 5kg