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Betofix B70

Fiber-reinforced cement-based polymer modified non-shrinking mortar for concrete repairs. Deliveres more than twice the compressive strength compared to common concrete, has high thixotropy (thickness up to 60mm / layer), completely free of corrosive ingredients and chlorides.

Offering very good bonding to the substrate and is deal for demanding structural concrete repairs, structural concrete strengthening, restoration of damaged concrete (when steel reinforcement has been revealed), repairing and patching of concrete surfaces, finishing and monolithic protection of reinforced concrete structures including beams, pillars, slabs, front sections, ramps, exposed walls, decorative elements, cornices and civil engineering structures.

Specificaly for medium or large size operations, rapid execution and results that are ready-for-use within the day.

It is classified as concrete repair mortar type R4, in accordance with the requirements of the European standard EN 1504-3.

  • Consumption- 15 kg/m2/cm
  • Packaging- 25kg